Work In Progress


I have a confession… I’m not very good at this. The whole ‘maintaining a blog’ thing. But now that I am an actual published author, I figured I’d give it the ol’ college try. Like a professional. In case there is anyone out there who cares.

Sorry, that’s a little bit woeful of me. It’s been a day.

Hopefully you’ve found your way here because you liked something I wrote and wanted more. If not, hello! You might want to mosey over to my ‘About’ page before you dive right into my ramblings. If you did read something of mine and came here looking for more, you’ve come to the right place. I will be posting at least once a week. About random things I’m enjoying, my life, my cat (she’s really cute), and of course about upcoming projects, contests, and events. Or, that’s the plan anyway. As you can no doubt tell, the site is still a work in progress. Kind of like me.


Things may change around a bit in the weeks and months to come as I get the hang of working with WordPress and find my footing. Please bear with me.

Alright, it is 5:30 am here in the southeast and I am going to sleep. Tomorrow, the Mister and I are going on an Unscheduled Adventure. We’re just going to get in the car and drive. It’s something we do once a week (as long as we’re both in town) and it’s great for relaxation and inspiration.

I could use a little of both. I hope you get some too.

Sleep sweet, my lovelies!


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