100 Days of Writing – Day #1

Project worked on: Burned (paranormal mystery/UF)

Starting word count: 7004

Ending word count: 7436

Time written: 28 minutes


This is definitely a rough draft. I’m not sure this scene will stay in the book after edits. I suspect it will be significantly changed if so. It’s been a bitch to write. This whole thing isn’t easy for me. I’ve never really attempted to write a mystery before, and it’s hard. The “now what?” keeps driving me, but a lot of the time it leaves me staring at the blank page because the answer, right now, is I don’t know.

This is part of the hard thing about being a “pantser” as they call it. I don’t outline, because if I know what’s going to happen in a story then I find myself bored with it and it won’t get written. Instead, I discover my stories in a linear fashion, as they unfold for my characters. Which can be difficult if I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Today was not a bad day though. Rough scene, may be get later, but words got written and the  story moved forward. Not to mention, I think I know what happens next… at least directly.

I might even get some more words in tonight. But whether or not I do, I’m off to a good start. I’ll take it!

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