100 Days of Writing – Day #5

Project worked on: Burned (urban fantasy/paranormal romance)

Starting word count: 8580

Ending word count: 9006

Time written: 20 minutes


Nearing the 10k mark, and I finally found a piece to the puzzle of this scene I’m working on. See, I’m what they call a pantser, which means I don’t outline my stories before I write them. I generally have a vague idea of who the main characters are and what the main conflict is before I start writing, but that’s about it.

In the case of Burned, I knew my main character Alek had sold her soul to a demon and that she was, effectively, his immortal henchwoman. I knew she was investigating a string of ritual murders for her boss. But that was about it.

Mysteries are, I might have mentioned, not easy to write. More so when you’re figuring things out at the same time as your characters! Finding things out as I go along is one of my favorite things about writing, though. If I outline ahead of time, figure things out, I get bored and wander away from the story.

That’s about it for tonight.  Happy writing!


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