100 Days of Writing – Week #2

Project worked on: Burned (UF/paranormal romance) & Unnamed WIP #2 (paranormal romance/mpreg)

Starting word count: Burned – 9919

WIP #2 – 0

Ending word count: Burned – 10515

WIP #2 – 1420

Time spent writing: Not enough


I slacked on tracking this week, and it shows. Not only did I miss posting here, but I had several zero word days. Thankfully, I did also manage a breakthrough in worldbuilding on Burned. While I haven’t included those words in my weekly word count, I actually do count that toward writing. Worldbuilding is an important part of paranormal romance/urban fantasy. And I figured out a big, important part of the story.

I wasn’t trying to, I was actually just attempting to come up with terms for the various minions a demon lord employed, but in figuring that out I answered a question I hadn’t realized needed answering and the pieces started falling into place from there. That’s always a good feeling.

I also started a new story. I swear I was going to concentrate on just Burned this time around, but I woke up from a nap with the beginning of this story nearly whole in my mind already. I didn’t want to ignore it and let it slip away. That doesn’t mean I’m not still working on Burned. That’s still my first priority. This unnamed project is something to work on when I want or need to take a break from Burned and write something a little different. (It’s a more straightforward romance than Burned.)

So that’s that. I didn’t do great this past week. But I’ve got time to get back in the swing of things. It is now day… 17 of 100. We’ve just barely started. I’m going to really try to stick to blogging every day, but some of these gaps may happen. Life can get pretty busy sometimes and I’m more concerned with getting in writing time. But I do plan on trying. Journaling has never been my thing, but I want to hold myself accountable for these writing days. Onwards and upwards!




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