Feral Hobbit Weekend

One of the great things about the internet is: YOU CAN MAKE FRIENDS ANYWHERE! The downside to this is stark and simple: YOU MAKE FRIENDS EVERYWHERE! That means you can have friends from down the road and across the country and even from the other side of the world. My closest friends all live in…

Back Again

Once again, it’s been awhile. I apologize for being incommunicado. I’d promise it won’t happen again, but that would probably be a lie. The second half of 2022 was something of a whirlwind. A lot happened. On the sad side, my father-in-law passed away in June. He wasn’t well, so it wasn’t a huge surprise,…

When Your Darkest Desires Find the Light: #Monsterfucker

Tell the truth. You know you want to. We all want things we know we shouldn’t have. Whether it’s that last chocolate cupcake, yet another figure for our immense collection, or the sexy so-and-so who takes forever to answer your text, we crave a little of the darkness.