The Unrepentant voluptuary

Born in the artists’ community of Woodstock, NY, Morgan Elektra discovered her passion for writing at a young age, penning stories of witches, vampires, and monsters at the dining room table. After years working day jobs and moonlighting as a reviewer for popular genre website Dread Central, Morgan left the comfort of an office to follow her dreams of writing fiction. She spent the early twenty-teens as a freelance ghostwriter of erotica, but has now put aside the masks to write under her own name. Morgan graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with an MFA in Creative Writing. She writes dark fiction, paranormal romance, and erotica for those who, like her, are in love with the dark.

When not writing she can be found reading, or volunteering with and advocating for her local LGBTQ+ community.

She currently lives near Savannah, GA with her husband, their cat Harlequin, and—if the rumors are to be believed (and she sincerely hopes they are)—an awful lot of ghosts

What does “voluptuary” mean?

  • I know it’s obscure, but I love this word! It means “a person devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure”. I am definitely one of those! It’s the Taurus in me.

Why horror? Why erotica?

  • The short, simple answer is because I love it. For longer, more in depth explorations of why I write what I write, check out my blog!

What’s your favorite scary movie?

  • This is one of those impossible to answer easily questions. I have so many! A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) is my favorite slasher. One that recently got under my skin was The Night House (2021). Since I was a kid, I have loved the movie Paper House (1988). I swear I like movies without the words “night” or “house” in them!

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

  • Yes, please. But honestly, I prefer vanilla with chocolate syrup.

How do you take your tea?

  • This is a very important question! If we’re talking about black tea, then I prefer it sweet and tan (3 sugars and a splash of milk/cream). For herbal tea, I like only sugar or honey, nothing else (except maybe lemon if I’m ill).

How did you get started writing?

  • I began writing stories at the age of 7. My first story was about a woman scientist witch who lived in a grey world and invented the colors of the rainbow in a cauldron in her basement. So, you know, not much has changed! On a professional level, I began writing for genre website Dread Central all that way back in 2006, thanks to my good friend and soul sister, Debi.

Where do you get your ideas from?

  • Everywhere. I know that’s like the most annoying answer ever, but it’s the truth. Everything I read, watch, and listen to sparks ideas in my mind. My brain just LOVES to ask me, “What if…?”

I want to be a writer. Can I send you samples of my writing or tell you about my ideas?

  • No, sorry! I’m unable to read others’ writing or advise on stories/books. Please do not send them – you won’t get a response, and they will be deleted. This is a legal issue.

I want to be a writer. Can you give me writing advice?

  • Write a lot. Read more. Never give up.

Do you know where I can find fan-fic of your books?

  • I live for the day there is fan-fic of my books. However, for legal reasons, I can’t read or acknowledge it. Sorry!

How can I contact you?