The Challenge

As a writer, routine is something I wrestle with. And not in a fun, Turkish oil wrestling kind of way either.

(Which, if you haven’t seen… . You’re welcome.)

But seriously, routine is hard. I’m a delicate, artistic flower. *flutters lashes*

Yet, when a friend on Facebook started posted about this challenge she was participating in, I became intrigued. Every day she was writing 100 words or for 10 minutes and then journaling about the experience on IG (@the_red_string). Her journal entries, though they were brief, were very real and I connected with what she was going through. As she posted, day after day, I cheered her on, and when she reached her goal of 100 days, I felt like I had gone on a journey with her. So, when she announced she was doing the challenge again a few months ago and had started a group for anyone who wanted to join her, I thought why not?

I joined the group, but I have to admit I missed more days than I like and I didn’t take her advice to journal or track my word count. I half-assed it a bit. But I had a good time and her daily posts really motivated me when I was in the middle of a rough patch of writing.

Now, she’s doing yet another round of the 100 Days of Writing Challenge, starting tomorrow, June 1, 2019. And this time I’m 100% on board to not only write, but to write about my writing process, and to keep absolute honest track of my daily word count. Since I didn’t think I would necessarily pick up a journal and write it in every day, no matter how briefly, I thought of this blog.

As anyone out there who reads this blog knows, I am anything but regular. So, in addition to pledging to write for 10 minutes or 100 words for the next 100 days, I’m also going to blog every day about the process.

The blogs will probably not be very long. A couple hundred words at most. But I will be talking honestly about my process and how many words I wrote that day. If I like the words, I might even share some. If some of my fellow challenge-mates may be showing up to offer their thoughts too, I don’t know. I haven’t actually asked them yet. But you get the idea. For the next 100 days, every day, there will be a blog. You’ll get to see all the doubt and (hopefully) triumphs.

Or, maybe there’s no one reading these and they’re just for me. Either way. Starting tomorrow, there will be blogs!


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